Monday, June 1, 2015

Earring Crushin'

Since my big chop, I have had to step up my accessories game. After a long lecture about looking like a plain Jane from my wonderful hairstylist, I re-adjusted some thangs. LOL. Now I find myself loving on statement earrings to add a lil spunk to my new look.

I am currently obsessing over JCrew’s latest jewelry collection and I’m ready to break the bank to get every last pair!  I am giving you a peek show of my latest crushes…

Woven Fringe Earring

Garden Party Earrings

Beaded Rope Earrings

Tortoise Tassel Chandelier Earrings  
Neon Pop Statement Earrings 

I know I have yet to reveal myself so here goes… LOL! Don’t mind my homemade twist-out!

Big Chop Glam!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

GLAMGLOW Introduces Mud to Foam Cleansers

I think I have probably gotten on everyone’s nerves about GLAMGLOW’s products but they’re just sooooo freaking GLAM. LOL. So I am back on my Glam Box ladies! GLAMGLOW has THEE most AMAZING masks for any skin problem imaginable. I lie to you not. I LOVE THEM ALL. Can you all imagine my excitement when talks of a mud to foam facial cleanser popped up on Insta in November? I signed myself right up to receive samples of the SuperCleanse and ThirstyCleanse. I liked the feel of my face especially after using the ThirstyCleanse. You know how parched winter skin can be so this is just what the doctor may have ordered. My samples were only good enough for one use so I didn’t get my true fix. 

I am happy to share that these uber GLAM cleansers have launched just in time for the New Year. Both retail for $39 and I am sure they will be worth every dollar. I have added the Thirsty Cleanse to my January beauty wish list. Visit to see all the deets and check for free samples! I will have more to share once I snag my full size! 

Smooches Glam-ettes!

GLAMGLOW Super Cleanse

GLAMGLOW Thirsty Cleanse 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

My 2015 Glam Goals

Happy New Year Glammers! I don’t usually get too hung up on making resolutions for the New Year. But I am seeking some change in my life and just like everyone else, I am using this time to start fresh and work toward those changes!

1.    Losing These 8 Struggle Pounds!

2014 was quite a stressful year for me. Besides getting my heart shattered for the umpteenth time, my job sometimes seemed to take over my mind and life. No Bueno! I also started grad school, and was not prepared for the heavy work load and the balance that was needed. I constantly felt overwhelmed and I learned quickly that stress has a way of messin’ with your Glam. My body held on to every morsel of food I ate for dear life and I started noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit. Nothing was cute anymore, Jeans were a struggle to wear, I felt like a Klump!

I plan to take some baby steps to tackle these struggle pounds. I will def be taking a closer look at my diet and I am eager to get back into a regular workout routine.  I will need a prayer circle to help me achieve this goal. LOL Let’s see how this goes. 

The bottom photo shows me at my heaviest last year. I'm not feeling it! 

2.    Embracing my Natural Hair.

Although I have been relaxer free for 7+ years, you would never know it. I’ve literally pressed away my curl pattern. After finding most of my hair on my bathroom floor and work desk earlier last year, I decided something had to give. I wore braids for most of the year because I was just too exhausted to even think about combing my hair and I thought the rest period would help my struggling strands. Well in late November I decided to take the plunge and go completely natural. It has been tough. I did a semi big chop and have been playing around with a few different styles. I am constantly reminding myself that this is a journey and not a quick trip. I will keep you beauties posted on my progress.

The Semi Big Chop... Lordt! 

3.    Making Time for my Weekly Mani!

This is a silly one but I had to make this a goal. I hate butt naked nails!!! LOL Many of my weekends last year were swallowed up by schoolwork. My goal is to figure out how to sneak some me time in to get my mani/pedi fix!

4.    Operation Kim & The City!

Take me away!!!

This is the scariest goal for me. By June 2015, I hope to be in a cutesy apartment in the city. When I bought my house in the country almost eight years ago, I had a different outlook on how my life was going to turn out. The 32-year-old Kim has a completely different view of things now. I am ready to re-connect with the world and move this Glam Show to the city! Hey, maybe I can even revive my social life.   There are soooooo many factors that could make this move difficult but I so need this. I’m hopeful Glam Girls.  

Now that I have talked your ears off! Tuh! Go do something Glam for 2015. Feel free to share some of your New Year goals with me by commenting below.  *Smooches*

Monday, September 1, 2014

Confessions of a Product Junkie: The Nail Mask Experiment

I know what you’re thinking Glammies. The nail mask thing is a little extreme. Take it from a nail naturalista, nail polish and  all the harsh removers will suck the life out of your nails much the same as the artificial nail enhancements some of us swear by. My own obsession with ever changing nail colors was beginning to take its toll. The cracks and dry patches on my nails were all too real and my manicures had an uber short life.

It was time for something new so I decided to try Julep’s Nail Mask. Moisture packed little finger pockets (LOL at that description) filled with all the bomb ingredients. Vitamin E, Aloe, Collagen, Shea Butter, and Botanical Oils are all part of the luxury line-up. If you're wondering about the time commitment, you only have to spare 30 minutes of your hectic schedule for a little nail paradise. Don't worry, you can still text and check your insta! 

So what’s my verdict? I did my treatment right before my manicure for some TLC and I was pleasantly surprised by the instant improvement in the condition of my nails. My nails and cuticles were super moisturized and I was ready to get shaped up, cleaned up, and polished up (I chose nude with a bright pop of yellow).

You can find this gem on Julep’s website where a 5 pack of nail masks (good for 5 treatments) will cost you 10 bucks right now, which is not too bad for bringing your nails back to life. J

Mask at work...

This week's Mani...

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