Monday, January 2, 2017

My Bathroom Counter Gets a Glamover!

I realized that something had to give when the clutter on my bathroom counter kept getting in the way of perfectly good selfies. Ugh!

So I challenged myself to a bathroom counter makeover to kick-off the New Year *New organized Kim, who dis?* I Headed out to the container store, which now by the way has turned me into a believer that you can really get organized if you want to. LOL. The makeover cost me under 35 bucks and was worth every single penny. 

Glamettes, this is how I spent my NYE…It’s not like it was poppin’ anyway…Le sigh.

Before… Clutter city. My make-up was stored in a makeup bag that created even more clutter in the morning when I dug through the bag to find products. I decided that some products had to go! I didn't own a beauty supply store so why the heck was I displaying errthang? I decided to store my hair products in my bathroom drawers since I only use those once a week. The only products that stayed were my everyday skin-care products and make-up.
Why was this my life though. I'm ashamed. Don't judge me Glam-ettes 

After… For the make-up organizer, I chose the Clarity Wide 2-drawer make-up stacking box, which retails at $24.99. My make-up collection is not very extensive so this was ideal for me.  Trust me though, if you’re a makeup junkie, they have storage for you too. I chose a simple acrylic tray to store my everyday skincare products. See below for product info.

Much better!!!!!! 

Product info... 
Clarity Stackable Storage 
Small Acrylic Tray 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Earring Crushin'

Since my big chop, I have had to step up my accessories game. After a long lecture about looking like a plain Jane from my wonderful hairstylist, I re-adjusted some thangs. LOL. Now I find myself loving on statement earrings to add a lil spunk to my new look.

I am currently obsessing over JCrew’s latest jewelry collection and I’m ready to break the bank to get every last pair!  I am giving you a peek show of my latest crushes…

Woven Fringe Earring

Garden Party Earrings

Beaded Rope Earrings

Tortoise Tassel Chandelier Earrings  
Neon Pop Statement Earrings 

I know I have yet to reveal myself so here goes… LOL! Don’t mind my homemade twist-out!

Big Chop Glam!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

GLAMGLOW Introduces Mud to Foam Cleansers

I think I have probably gotten on everyone’s nerves about GLAMGLOW’s products but they’re just sooooo freaking GLAM. LOL. So I am back on my Glam Box ladies! GLAMGLOW has THEE most AMAZING masks for any skin problem imaginable. I lie to you not. I LOVE THEM ALL. Can you all imagine my excitement when talks of a mud to foam facial cleanser popped up on Insta in November? I signed myself right up to receive samples of the SuperCleanse and ThirstyCleanse. I liked the feel of my face especially after using the ThirstyCleanse. You know how parched winter skin can be so this is just what the doctor may have ordered. My samples were only good enough for one use so I didn’t get my true fix. 

I am happy to share that these uber GLAM cleansers have launched just in time for the New Year. Both retail for $39 and I am sure they will be worth every dollar. I have added the Thirsty Cleanse to my January beauty wish list. Visit to see all the deets and check for free samples! I will have more to share once I snag my full size! 

Smooches Glam-ettes!

GLAMGLOW Super Cleanse

GLAMGLOW Thirsty Cleanse 

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